XMF Caring Initiative Description

(Draft 7/19/2017)

The purpose of XMF’s caring fund is to help alumni of Peking University who are in financial need, with a preference for PKU 1986 entrance class.  Circumstances that may lead to financial need include: long term and short-term disability, major illness, unexpected loss of employment or source of income while the Qualified Individual does not have significant assets.

XMF will also strive to provide non-monetary support to our alumni, including visitation, research and counseling on welfare and other resources, and other activities that may contribute to the wellbeing of alumni in need.  

The XMF board designates a caring committee to manage the caring initiative.  Current committee members are Hongping Du (Biology ’86, chair), Wei Hu (Law ’86), and Yongjun Zhang (Biology 86).

Our recipients over the years include Mr. Chengwu Xiao (Political Science ’86), Mr. Shaohong Huang (Economics ‘86), and Mr. Ning An (Archaeology ’86).

The “Run for the Stars” annual wellness event is the most important fundraising event for the XMF Caring Fund.