XMF has hosted Xing Annual Runs "Fun for the Starts" since 2016. In the past three years, many PKU alumni have participated from around the world.

"Xing" means star light in Chinese, symbolizing unwavering hope and the free spirit of generations of PKU students.

The first “Run for the Stars” event was launched on August 28th, 2016, on Xing’s one year anniversary, to celebrate Xing’s legacy, and to bring the PKU 1986 community together. Across the continents, from Beijing to San Francisco, from Canada to South Africa, over 170 PKU alumni, family and friends participated. They walked or ran, in groups or solo, and shared pictures and words of inspiration via a social media forum, WeChat.

This event not only energized and strengthened the community but also raised funds to implement the XMF alumni caring initiatives, which provide need based assistance to members of the community.

"Run for the Stars" has since been hosted by XMF annually. XMF invites all PKU class of 1986 (entrance year), as well as other PKU alumni, from every corner of the world, to show their support by joining "Run for the Stars".

Xing Annual Run 2017 Announcement

Xing Annual Run 2016 Announcement

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