2020 XMF Leadership Award Recognizes 2 College and 4 High School Student Leaders in Community Service

October 30, 2020

XING Memorial Fund (XMF) today announced the recipients for 2020 XING Leadership Award. XING Leadership Award was launched in 2017 to promote leadership development in the Chinese Community. It focuses on servant leadership, character building and civic engagement. The application was designed to evaluate applicants’ community/social awareness as well as leadership attributes, such as responsibility, risk taking, resilience, reflectiveness and team work. This year’s candidates have shown their initiatives to research, develop, and implement community service projects. The recipients are:

XING Memorial Fund (XMF) has announced the recipients for 2020 XING leadership award. Two college and four high school students from the PKU Alumni families will share the awards. They are:

1, College Category:

XING Leaders Award

  • Zachary Wang, Dartmouth College

XING Developing Leaders Award

  • Chelsea Li, New York University

2, High School Category:

XING Leaders Award

  • Sunny Li, Lynbrook High School
  • Jessica Ji, Jasper High School

XING Developing Leaders Award

  • Alan Huang, Syosset High School
  • Zehai Qiu, Desheng School International

Since implementation, this program has attracted strong support from the PKU alumni community. This year's Scoring Committee consists of : Dongfeng Wu (86 Statistics) of Louisville KY, Richard Wang (Cornell 2017), Rui Luo (86 Biology) and Yong Zhou (86 Biology). XMF greatly appreciates all applicants for their participation, the Scoring Committee for their dedication to serve, as well as the donors who make this project possible. This program has proven to be meaningful in cross generation communication and in strengthening the community at large.

XMF Education Committee