Purpose: To encourage and support leadership skill development in the Chinese Community, this award will focus on servant leadership, character and civic development. Ideally, students will take the initiative to research, develop, and implement community service projects within the community in which they live or they care about.
宗旨: 展示北大二代的胸襟和眼光, 鼓励支持华裔领袖素质的培养,注重服务精神, 人格培养和社区参与。

Who can Apply:
Second generation of PKU alumni and Xing Scholarship recipients who:
1) Are currently enrolled in any high school or in first two years of college around the world in 2023-24 school year; AND
2) Have engaged in unpaid internship, volunteered for charity, led or participated in community improvement projects in the summers of 2022 ~ 2024.

​​​申请人资格: 面向全球的北大子弟。在2023-2024年度就读于高中 (9至12年级) 或大学一至二年级的北大校友后代和松江二中星光奖学金得主; 获奖学生需要展示自己对所关注社区需求的观察, 并付诸行动服务于该社区, 在2022-2024学年参加过社区服务活动, 包括无薪实习, 慈善公益, 改良社区等。​

Award Categories:

College                  $1,000

High School           $500

评选办法: 申请者分高中组和大学组, 奖金分别为$500和$1000,由星光基金教育委员会在北大校友中招募三人评委选出。获奖人名单将在10月31日以前公布。

How to apply:

1) Online Application

All applications should be submitted via online application form PLUS a reference letter by September 30, 2024.

2) Reference Letter

A max. 250 words reference letter from either your mentor or someone familiar with your extracurricular activities should be directly emailed to: [email protected] by 5:00 pm local time September 30, 2024.

申请方式: 申请人填写线上申请表, 并附一封推荐信。截止期2024年9月30日。

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